Chill with a Book Awards for Independent Authors

Submitting to Chill Awards

Chill with a Book Awards
is for
Independent Authors

Chill with a Book AWARDS are designed to promote the best from Independent authors

Awards are...

Readers' Award
Readers' Premier Award
Book of the Month Award

All books are read by an equal number of readers.

It is the collective result from all the readers of each book that determines if a book is awarded or not. 

Titles accepted for consideration will be read by Chill’s readers and checked against the following criteria…

Were the characters strong and engaging?
Was the book well written?
Did the story / plot have you turning the page to find out what happened next?
Was the ending satisfying?
Would you recommend to someone who reads this kind of story?

Authors must accept that a book accepted for consideration for a Chill with a Book AWARD does not guarantee it will receive the AWARD.

There will be  a YEAR END AWARD for....

Book of the Year

All awardees will be notified directly.
Awarded books will be showcased on Chill with a Book's web site, Chills' Facebook page and Twitter.

There are limited places each month for books to be considered and if you are interested in submitting your title please fill in the CONTACT form found in the left hand column. Please include your pen name.

It doesn't matter when the book was published, but it must be published by an independent author or an author with a small independent publisher.

Chill with a Book’s decisions to accept or reject a book for consideration is final.
Chill with a Book's decision to award a book or not is final. 

NOTE: Chill with a Book Awards is not accepting erotic, Sci Fi or fantasy at the present time.

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  2. Ooooo... Sounds like fun. The decision to make is, which book to submit.

  3. Loving this! Well done Chill with a Book! :) xx

  4. Whata great idea this is - glad I came across this site!

  5. Brilliant idea, Pauline. Wishing it and all its authors success!

  6. Fabulous idea, Pauline. Caz @CazsBooks dropped by today.

  7. Brilliant idea! E-mail heading your way!

  8. Yes, great idea. Another email coming your way.

  9. What a clever idea. Plus it supports and promotes us indie authors. I've just emailed you. Thanks, Pauline. x

  10. So delighted to come across this great site.

  11. So delighted to come across this great site.

  12. At last something that is purely for indies <3

  13. ~*~*~ Happy 1st Anniversary ~*~*~ Congratulations one and all on a wonderful and inspiring 1st year, helping to bring Indie Authors to the fore. Thank You :-)

  14. I tried to click on email you to submit a book and it went to a blank email screen with no address. Could I please trouble you for your email address? Then I will contact you directly. Thank you.

    1. If you click on Pauline it should give you the email address, though I have messaged you on Facebook. Looking forward to talking soon.

  15. Does the book have to be recently published, or would an indie novel from a few years ago be considered?

    1. Hello Anne, no books do not have to be recently published. All independent books can be considered. Please email with your book title etc. Hopefully talk soon. Pauline

  16. Hi Pauline what a brilliant idea. Do you accept children's books?
    Thank you so much for creating this to give Indie writers a space!
    All the best

  17. Hi Pauline
    What a great idea! Thank you for creating this site. Do you accept children's books?