Tuesday 18 July 2023

Chill Awards is now Closed


Chill Awards has become an internationally recognized acknowledgement for good, well written books. However, despite its popularity I have, after a great deal of thought and with a heavy heart, decided to close Chill Awards.

Seven years ago, I set up the Award Programme to help shine a light on independently published books.  Hundreds of books have passed through the Programme and, whilst not all, many received an Award.

 As much as I have enjoyed running Chill Awards it is a 24/7 commitment. Often after spending hours dealing with submissions, readers, Awards and all that is entailed to run Chill Awards successfully, I find I can no longer sit at my desk to do my own writing or other things that need my attention.

 Over the years I have met many wonderful people; authors and readers, and a number of these have become great friends. Sadly, I have also met a number of authors who are far from pleasant. Although I have made this decision, it hasn’t come easily. I will miss the daily contact with authors and readers, but I do need to step away and work on other projects I have started. I won’t disappear from helping authors, I will be continuing with my podcasting and looking forward to talking with more great writers and readers.

Although submissions are closed, books that are left in the Award Programme, I will endeavor to have all read by three Chill readers and where appropriate, Awards will still be made. However, that will be the end of Chill Awards.

 A special thank you to all the many, many readers who over the years have given their time to evaluate the mountains of books that have been submitted. Without you, there would be no Awards. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

 A special thank you to Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics for her kindness and professional support especially with the Cover of the Month Awards.

It is the end of a special era, but it is the beginning of new things too.

Until we talk again,

Best wishes


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