Friday 15 July 2022

The Conversos by VEH Masters

The Conversos
VEH Masters


Chill with a Book READERS’ Award

Europe 1547. The rising tide of the Reformation threatens bloody revolution while the terror of the Inquisition grows, even for those who have converted.

Bethia, newly married tries to find her way in Antwerp, both the city and family she now belongs to a constant source of confusion – and sometimes fear. While her brother Will, enslaved on a French galley, doubts there will ever be an end to his torment.

Divided by both distance and faith, Bethia and Will each desperately seek a place of refuge from the looming maelstrom.
But there is no safe haven… unless Will denies his beliefs and Bethia surrenders those she loves. And yet the power of family can triumph, in unexpected ways.

Pages:  344
Genre:  Women's Adventure

The Conversos was read and evaluated by THREE Chill's readers against the following...

Were the characters strong and engaging?
 Was the book well written?
Did the story / plot have you turning the page to find out what happened next?
Was the ending satisfying?
Would you recommend to someone who reads this kind of story?

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