Wednesday 2 November 2022

Book of the MONTH - October

Book of the Month


Pianist Max Silento has been murdered, but who did it? It wasn’t Scarlet – she would have made it look like a death of natural causes, and then DI Ronnie Twist and her sergeant, Luke Carter, wouldn’t be poking around.

Scarlet would do almost anything for retired judge Ada, but going to jail was never part of the bargain. Unable to confide in her manipulative employer and benefactor, Scarlet knows one of her new-found family must be to blame… but what could the motive possibly be?

Who is the killer in the seemingly perfect Rosewood family? As the police net closes in around her, Scarlet puts her home-grown detective skills to use in a race against time to uncover the killer before she is arrested herself.

Set in the market town of Beverley, this is the second Twist in the Tale novel.

Pages:  282
Genre: Cosy Mystery

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