Monday 17 October 2022

Lady Loring's Dilemma by Catherine Kullmann

Lady Loring's Dilemma
Catherine Kullmann


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Must she pay indefinitely for her indiscretion?

England, 1814

Delia, Lady Loring has long accepted that a wife has few legal rights and little say in the direction of her life. When she is caught in compromising circumstances, her furious husband, Sir Edward, banishes her to Harrogate where she is to live quietly with her mother and behave at all times in a seemly manner. All contact with their sixteen-year-old daughter, Chloe is forbidden.

In Harrogate, she finds small joys, makes friends and rediscovers a long-forgotten freedom. Most important of all, she meets Lord Stephen FitzCharles, her first love of some twenty years ago. The separation from Chloe grieves her, and she worries about what will become of her daughter but a mother has only the rights her husband allows her and Sir Edward shows no sign of relenting.

Delia resolves to place her trust in Stephen who offers her a new life on the Continent. They leave for Paris, then travel on to Nice. But Sir Edward, determined that his erring wife pays for her misdeeds, counters with new measures.

Napoleon’s escape from Elba and march on Paris to oust the newly-restored French king, bring further complications as Delia must face the most unexpected of decisions. Can she retain her freedom and reconcile fully with her daughter? Or will her wings be clipped forever?

Pages:  337
Genre: Historical Regency Fiction

Lady Loring's Dilemma 
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