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March Newsletter

March Newsletter 2018

Hello and welcome to Chill Awards March Newsletter.

Already we are two months into 2018 and Chill Awards continues to create interest from Indie Authors from all over the globe. Very excited to say, we are truly international!

 During February SEVEN Readers' Awards were honoured.  Congratulations to each and everyone.

Applause please for all these Award honourees

Readers' Awards for February

Book of the Month

Paradise Girl by Phill Featherstone

Book Cover of the Month

by Love Divideed

Cathy from Avalon Graphics is our fabulous judge for this Award.

PB special Award

All Authors who receive a Chill with a Book Readers' Award are automatically put forward for consideration for BOOK of the MONTH and BOOK COVER of the MONTH in the month they received their Award.

All Awardees of Book of the Month or Book Cover of the Month are automatically put forward for consideration for BOOK of the YEAR 2018 or BOOK COVER of the YEAR 2018

The key stone to Chill Awards is its readers and READERS are "always" NEEDED!
Chill can never have enough readers... 

If you love to read, why not read for Chill Awards?

If members of your family or your friends are interested in joining Chill to be a reader, please ask them to email me. Pauline

Chill readers receive Amazon vouchers so they can download to their Kindle / e-reader any book they choose from the Award Programme and no reviews are required.

More information Here

Before I sign off for this month, I must say, a HUGE congratulations to all Awardees.

A very special thank you to all Chill's readers who read and evaluate the mountain of books submitted.

And I thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart for being part of this amazing Award Programme and being a member of our exclusive family.

Have a great month and please find time to read a book.

Until next time


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