Tuesday 11 October 2016

Chill with a Book AWARD

Chill with a Book has created its very own AWARD.

An Award will be given for great reads from Indie authors and small indie Publishers.

Chill with a Book AWARD is designed to promote the best from indie authors.

Titles accepted for consideration will be read by Chill’s readers and checked against the following criteria…

Were the characters strong and engaging?
Was the book well written?
Did the plot have you turning the page to find out what happened next?
Was the ending satisfying?
Have you told your friends about it?

Readers have clear instructions on how to arrive at their evaluation.

Authors must accept that a book accepted for consideration for a Chill with a Book AWARD does not guarantee it will receive the AWARD. The book MUST meet the above criteria.

All awardees will be notified directly.
Awarded books will be showcased on Chill with a Book, Chill's Pinterest board, Chill's Facebook page and tweeted on Twitter.

The cost for submission is £16.00 and payable via Paypal (the fee is used for the purchase of Kindle copies for readers)

There are limited places each month for books to be considered and if you are interested in submitting your title, please email Pauline at paulinechill@hotmail.com in the first instance.

Chill with a Book’s decisions to accept or reject a book for consideration is final.
Chill with a Book's decision to award a book or not is final. 

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