Monday 30 January 2017

How to Throw Your Life Away by Laurie Ellingham

How to Throw Your Life Away


Laurie Ellingham

has been HONOURED


Chill with a Book READERS' AWARD

"A fresh new voice in romantic comedy." Rachel's Random Reads

"A quality of style that enables the reader to be engrossed in the story and brilliantly entertained." Linda Hill, Linda's Book Bag, 5 stars

Have you ever wondered how much it would take to make you snap?
For thirty-two year old Katy Davenport it was the littlest thing...
All her boyfriend of five years had to do was answer her question about dinner. 
Not ignore her.
Not continue to watch the football like she didn't exist.

In that moment Katy snaps. One moment of insanity and Katy throws her life away. 

The policeman who arrests her laughs. Her best friend cheers. And her anger management counsellor insists on embarrassing her in front of the entire class. 
For Katy this is just the beginning as she struggles to find her place in a whole new world where her ex-boyfriend refuses to move out of her house, and Katy finds herself snapping again and again.

Will Katy be able to control her anger for long enough to pick up the pieces of her life?

HOW TO THROW YOUR LIFE AWAY  was read and evaluated by Chill's readers against a five point criteria

1.       Were the characters strong and engaging?
2.       Was the book well written?
3.       Did the plot have you turning the page to find out what happened next?
4.       Was the ending satisfying?
5.       Have you told your friends?

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