Tuesday 4 July 2017

Eadric and the Wolves by David K Mullaly

Eadric and the Wolves

has been AWARDED


Chill with a Book READERS’ Award

With Eadric and the Wolves, David Mullaly puts his considerable knowledge of all aspects of Viking-age England to good use, crafting a story that is both historically accurate and thoroughly engaging.—James L. Nelson, author of the Norsemen Saga

Eadric of Mercia becomes one of the most charismatic and powerful men in England, sharing a life with a Danish beauty while married to an English princess. However, haunted by the public murders of people close to him, he will be forced to choose between his eminent status and loyalty to his own Anglo-Saxon people, and his desire for justice--and revenge.

The infamous St. Brice's Day massacre in 1002 A.D. becomes a provocation for increased attacks on England and two invasions, but it is also a catalyst for decisions that Eadric will make years later. His revulsion at the genocidal impulses of the most powerful people in the land will lead him to what English historians have called the greatest betrayal of the eleventh century.

Seen as a villain by many during his lifetime and after, he is surrounded by people who casually employ treachery, and institutions that consistently act in bad faith. In this thoroughly researched novel, David Mullaly tells a story that challenges the traditional narrative about Eadric.

Appearances can be profoundly deceiving. Loyalty in the defense of evil is no virtue, and what may look like betrayal could be the only good option for a brave leader.

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Were the characters strong and engaging?
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