Saturday 30 December 2017

Book of the Month - The Stationmaster's Cottage by Phillipa Nefri Clark

The Stationmaster's Cottage


Book of the Month

for December 2017

Christie Ryan’s carefully constructed life turns upside-down with the inheritance of an abandoned cottage in an Australian seaside village. A damaged painting and discovery of old love letters draws her into the heart wrenching world of Thomas and Martha in a fifty-year-old mystery. A mystery she is determined to solve.

Martin Blake is a reclusive artist, happiest on a surfboard or with his dog, Randall. The appearance of Christie at his house seeking help with the painting is unwelcome. Her questions about the past are too close to home for him to answer, besides, she is a rich, city girl with no plans to stay in town.

As the secrets unravel, so does Christie’s safe world. Those secrets might lead to happiness, but with nothing to go home to, and no reason to believe she can stay, the happy ending may not be hers.

The Stationmaster's Cottage is a rich and powerful romance set in two eras. A gripping story of fiercely protected secrets, courage, betrayal, redemption, and true love.

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