Wednesday 3 January 2018

Book of the Year 2017 goes to ...

2017 saw a number of beautifully written books submitted to Chill Awards and the decision to announce Book of the Year 2017 was not an easy one. After reading and re-reading all the evaluations, Chill Awards is proud to announce Book of the Year 2017 goes to…

Conspiracy of Lies by Kathryn Gauci

From the author of The Embroiderer comes a powerful account of one woman’s struggle to balance her duty to her country and a love she knows will ultimately end in tragedy.

1940. With the Germans about to enter Paris, Claire Bouchard flees France for England. Two years later she is recruited by the Special Operations Executive and sent back into occupied France to work alongside the Resistance.

Working undercover as a teacher in Brittany, Claire accidentally befriends the wife of the German Commandant of Rennes and the blossoming friendship is about to become a dangerous mission.
Knowing that thousands of lives depended on her actions, Claire begins a double life as a Gestapo Commandant’s mistress in order to retrieve vital information for the Allied invasion of France, but ghosts from her past make the deception more painful than she could have imagined.

Part historical, part romance and part thriller, Conspiracy of Lies takes us on a journey through occupied France, from the picturesque villages of rural Brittany to the glittering dinner parties of the Nazi elite, in a story of courage, heartbreak and secrecy.


  1. Congrats to all the winners - all wonderfully well deserved. And an award yourself, Pauline for the tireless work in organising it all.
    Happy New Year!