Wednesday 3 January 2018

PB Special Award of 2017 goes too...

During 2017 a new Award, PB Special Award was added to the Chill Award programme. 

During the year NINE PB Special Awards were honoured and it seems only right to have a PB Special Award of the Year.

Chill Awards is proud to announce

 PB Special Award for 2017
  goes to….

Blessop’s Wife 

Barbara Gaskell Denvil

Medieval mystery, suspense and romance, a gripping page turner

It is 15th century England and King Edward IV wears the crown, but no king rules unchallenged. Often it is those closest to him who are the unexpected danger. When the king dies suddenly without clear cause, rumour replaces fact – and Andrew Cobham is working behind the scenes.

Tyballis was forced into marriage with her abusive neighbour. When she escapes, she meets Andrew and an uneasy alliance forms with a motley gathering of thieves, informers, prostitutes and children eventually joining the game. 

And as the country is brought to the brink of war, Andrew and Tyballis discover something neither thought was possible. Their friendship takes them in unusual directions as Tyballis becomes embroiled in Andrew’s work and the danger which surrounds him.

A thrilling story of abduction, murder, subterfuge and romance.

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