Friday 30 March 2018

Book of the Month - Satin Cinnabar by Barbara Gaskell Denvil

Satin Cinnabar


Book of the Month Award

An intriguing historical mystery, full of suspense and romance.

Set in 15th century England, against the aftermath of the Battle of Bosworth when the first Tudor King Henry VII took the throne from Richard III, The plots and sub-plots interweave, held together by the strong atmospheric medieval backgrounds and the depth of characterization. With all the inevitable power struggle, politics and turmoil accompanying the beginning of the new Tudor dynasty.

On his escape from the abandoned battlefield, Alex, younger son of a slain lord, throws off his armour which would mark him as a knight of the defeated Yorkists. The Lady Katherine, having heard tales of marauding soldiers both vanquished and victorious, is dressed for safety as a boy. She and Alex, both in disguise, meet in unusual circumstances.

Now the lords once loyal to King Richard are in danger of losing their titles, their property and their heads. Law and order seem under threat so Alex quickly goes into hiding. Taking refuge in the kitchens of old friends, he impersonates a servant. During his unorthodox sojourn in the kitchens that Alex encounters Katherine once again. Given in an arranged marriage, the lady is now reluctantly wedded to the new lord of the house. Alex and Katherine come face to face for the second time and begin a most unorthodox courtship.

But Alex’s cousin, newly pardoned and released from the Tower, is discovered murdered. The circumstances of his death put Alex under considerable suspicion, especially when Katherine’s bridegroom also dies suddenly, albeit of natural causes. The parish priest believes Alex guilty of double murder. He gives evidence, leading to Alex’ arrest and incarceration in Newgate prison – a veritable hell during that period. Discovering the true murderer, overcoming his enemies, and convincing Katherine that marriage with the right person might actually be an excellent prospect after all, keeps Alex on alert for the rest of the book.

Genre:  Historical Romance / Romantic suspense 
Approx pages:  477

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