Tuesday 5 November 2019

White Stones by Kit Domino

White Stones


Chill with a Book READERS’ Award

"Walls have ears, but sometimes they have mouths with which to speak." Filton Shields, UPI

Strange forces are at work causing Penny Cornwall to see and hear people from the past and feel all their emotions. More disconcerting is the tune she doesn't recognise play over and over inside the Cotswold stone cottage she shares with Harry Winchester.

The music will not go away, spoiling the rural idyll she and Harry have found. A fruitless search to find the source of the music and its title begins, a quest that rapidly becomes an obsession taking over her life and threatening to destroy all that she holds dear.

Can the intervention of eminent archaeologist Filton Shields prove the music's connection to their cottage before it’s too late and unravel the tragic story of a love bound by the music transcending the barriers of space and time?

Genre:  Occult / Horror
Approx pages: 294

 White Stones was read and evaluated by Chill's readers against the following...

Were the characters strong and engaging?
 Was the book well written?
Did the story / plot have you turning the page to find out what happened next?
Was the ending satisfying?
Would you recommend to someone who reads this kind of story?

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