Friday 29 May 2020

Book of the MONTH - May

Book of the Month Award


11th century, Northern Spain. Isabella has been a nun in the Christian kingdom of Galicia since she was a child, a gifted herbalist leading a quiet and spiritual life, devoted to God. But on a rare journey outside of the convent, she is taken by Viking raiders and sold to Morocco as a slave. Cruelly treated by her first owner, salvation comes from an unlikely source: Yusuf bin Tashfin, leader of a vast Muslim army intent on conquering all of North Africa. Isabella must struggle not only to survive her new life but to hold true to her faith, which is tested by great dangers… and by love.

If you loved The Physician by Noah Gordon and enjoy books by Jane Johnson, Anita Diamant and Libbie Hawker, then the Moroccan Empire series is for you. Based on the rise of the Almoravid dynasty, which conquered the whole of North Africa and most of Spain (defeating El Cid), the series explores why a Muslim warlord would give his empire to the son of a Christian slave girl. This is historical fiction at its most dramatic, emotional and intriguing.


Pages: 298

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