Tuesday 19 May 2020

The God Jar by Phill Featherstone

The God Jar


Chill with a Book READERS’ Award

Cornwall. Last year. Amy and Jack are on the final day of their honeymoon and enjoying a last scuba dive when Amy sees an object on the sea bed. She tries to get it, but in doing so her foot becomes trapped in old fishing line. Jack is unable to free her and goes for help. Meanwhile Amy’s air tank runs out…

So begins an intriguing tale of mystery and adventure which spans the centuries. The object Amy found once belonged to the Elizabethan mystic John Dee, who used it at the Queen’s behest to avert a national catastrophe. As Amy and Jack investigate it they become aware of its strange properties and the forces it can exert on the unwary.

The action switches between the present day and Tudor England in this tense thriller which will appeal both to fans of historical novels and to readers of Dan Brown and Tom Harper.

Genre: Action Thriller

Pages: 372

 The God Jar was read and evaluated by Chill's readers against the following...

Were the characters strong and engaging?
 Was the book well written?
Did the story / plot have you turning the page to find out what happened next?
Was the ending satisfying?
Would you recommend to someone who reads this kind of story?

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