Tuesday 8 December 2020

Ardmore Endings by Michael Reidy

Ardmore Endings 


Chill with a Book READERS’ Award

Born into a wealthy Main Line Philadelphia family, Caroline Schuster’s life is on an upward trajectory, from private school, to college and graduate work in psychology. Though not obsessed with money or social status, she’d rather have it than not. Her comfortable world changes suddenly, when after the death of her father, she learns of a family mystery dating back three generations. Determined to solve it, it becomes an obsession and leads her down the dark passages of history and her mind. Readers used to Reidy’s enigmatic women will find Caroline Schuster disturbingly open. Her thoughts, secrets and stratagems are laid bare and dissected until unreason comes to look perfectly logical.

Genre: 439
Pages: Psychological Literary Fiction

Ardmore Endings was read and evaluated by Chill's readers against the following...

Were the characters strong and engaging?
 Was the book well written?
Did the story / plot have you turning the page to find out what happened next?
Was the ending satisfying?
Would you recommend to someone who reads this kind of story?

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