Monday 8 February 2021

An Innocent Girl by Christine Temlett

An Innocent Girl


Chill with a Book READERS’ Award

As a young girl, Christine's happy, loving childhood is torn apart by her mother’s sudden illness and the sexual abuse she suffers at the hands of her elder brother. After years of anguish, she finds the courage to speak out. She slowly rebuilds her life with the love and support of the man who becomes her husband – and she has the compassion to help the brother who tormented her as he faces his dying days. Written to give others hope, this is a story of how, against all odds, a girl escaped from her abuser's control.

Christine Temlett was born in 1945, the youngest of three children. She was educated in the local village school in the St Austell Clay Mining District of Cornwall, then at West Hill School in St Austell. She married Andy, her wonderful and supportive husband, in July 1965 and together they have fostered 140 teenagers. The couple live in Plymouth.

Genre: Child Abuse Biography
Pages: 216

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