Wednesday 1 December 2021

Book of the MONTH - November

Book of the Month Award


In a medieval retirement home for witches, a resident is found brutally murdered. But how?
Whistle was a 93 in magical strength. His magic should have protected him. The jarring image of his grisly death states otherwise. Eager to avenge her friend, Rosie vows to catch the killer.
That task would be far easier if her sidekick wasn’t a forgetful 206-year-old, and Whistle’s enchanted belongings didn’t have minds of their own. Much to Rosie’s annoyance, every clue she finds contradicts the last.

In the midst of her hunt comes an ominous warning. Rosie has caught the attention of the killer and just might be their next target. Can she find a way to decipher the clues in time? Or will her name be added to the growing list of victims?
Set in an old people’s home full of whacky witches and wizards, this quirky whodunnit will leave readers guessing right to the end!
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Pages:  196
 Genre: Cozy Animal Mysteries