Monday 3 January 2022

Book of the YEAR 2021

Playing with Fire

Book of the YEAR 2021

Phoebe yearns for a love match like her parents’. Revolutionary France is not where she expected to find it.

France 1793

Phoebe’s future holds little more than the prospect of a tedious season of balls and routs, forever in the shadow of her glamorous cousin and under the critical eye of her shrewish aunt. She yearns for a useful life, and a love match like her parents’, if such a thing could ever be possible for an unwanted, poor relation.

But first she has to endure the hazards of a return home through revolutionary France—a nation suddenly at war with the English. Her aunt’s imperious insensitivity soon arouses a suspicion that quickly develops into mortal danger. Can a stranger encountered on the road prove to be their unlikely salvation?

Alex uses many names, and is used to working alone. A small act of kindness leads him to assist Phoebe’s party, even though it might come at the expense of his own, vital mission in France. Ignoring his own peril, he is willing to risk all in the hope of getting them safely back to England.

Unexpectedly, as he and Phoebe face many dangers together, he finds his affections growing towards the resourceful and quick-witted red-head, despite their hopeless social differences. Alex dismisses the possibility of a match between them, not realizing that she feels the same way about him.

Before they can admit to their affection for each other, they must face the many difficulties that lie ahead.

Playing with Fire is Book 3 in the Marstone series, but can also be read as a standalone novel with no cliffhangers.

Genre: Historical French Fiction
Pages: 494

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