Thursday 20 January 2022

If When by Barbara Gaskell Denvil

If When by Barbara Gaskell Denvil


A PREMIER Readers’ Award

Premier Readers’ Award is honoured to books that receive exceptional high evaluations from Chill Readers.

This book is shortlisted for Book of the Month.

It’s a game

he has to play…

But for his victims it means death…

When Sylvia steps onto the bus, she isn’t expecting to find a naked body of a young woman in the aisle.

Nor is she expecting to become involved in finding a crazed serial killer. But that’s what happens after a weekend trip to Monte Carlo.

Old she may be, but with age comes knowledge. With fellow retiree Harry by her side, Sylvia steps into the world of detection. As we delve into the mind of a killer… Because this far from being a game.

‘IF WHEN’ is a brilliant start to a gripping new series ‘The Games People Play’…

Pages: 292
Genre:   Psychological Fiction 

If When
  was read and evaluated by THREE Chill's readers against the following...

Were the characters strong and engaging?
 Was the book well written?
Did the story / plot have you turning the page to find out what happened next?
Was the ending satisfying?
Would you recommend to someone who reads this kind of story?

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