Friday 6 January 2017

Book of the Month AWARD for October 2016 is...

Following the exciting announcement of two additional Awards; Book of the Month Award and Book of the Year Award, please put your hands together for



The Forgotten Promise by Kate Ryder

"Irish lass, Maddie O’Brien, is living an independent, carefree life in London. She loves her work with a film production company but, as the years slip by, is increasingly aware of a nagging insistence for change.

During a film shoot in Dorset she is inexplicably drawn to a 17th Century cottage for sale. Although in a semi-serious relationship with Dan, Maddie takes the plunge and exchanges city life for country living. But all is not what it seems at the cottage and immediately after moving in she experiences visions and happenings which would have most people booking into the nearest hotel. Not so Maddie; she feels she has ‘come home’.

Embracing her new life she soon meets Nick, a local wood sculptor, and despite both being in relationships they are immediately attracted to each other. But who is Nick and what is it that draws them together?

And what is her connection with The Olde Smithy?

Little by little the cottage reveals its deepest secrets taking Maddie on a journey of self-discovery back to the dangerous days of the English Civil War, visiting the ghosts of her past.

Slowly her destiny is revealed and it would seem there is more than one restless spirit to appease…"

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