Thursday 5 January 2017

Book of the Month Award - September 2016 is...

Following the exciting announcement of two additional Awards; Book of the Month Award and Book of the Year Award, please put your hands together for



Broken Faces by Deborah Carr

Four years. Four lives changed forever.

‘As the weight of the plaster of Paris slowly increased on his face, he tried to steady his breathing and not give in to claustrophobia.’

November 1914
When Freddie Chevalier’s best friend, Charles, joins the cavalry and sets off to fight in the Great War he can’t help feeling he’s missing out. Until the war Freddie enjoyed his bucolic existence working on his parent’s farm on the island of Jersey, but now he yearns for excitement.

He’s always harboured a secret passion for Charles’ fiancée, Meri. She’s 'The Girl'. The one he loves but can’t have. Nothing compares to the guilt he feels when he and Meri betray Charles in the worst possible way.

Each will discover that they don't know the others as well as they thought. All of them will be forced to take charge of their lives and find ways to live with the consequences of the choices that they and their friends have made. And by November 1918 everything they thought of as familiar will have vanished.

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