Wednesday 30 September 2020

Book of the MONTH - September

Book of the Month Award


He’s thirteen, with no family and a massive great lump on his neck that just keeps on

All Jo has ever wanted is to be the same as everyone else. To go to school – To look in a mirror and not see a ‘freak’ staring back.

But the evil Doctor Bowden isn’t about to make life easy for Jo. When the lump on
Jo’s neck starts to change, Jo knows there is only one thing for it…

With Bowden’s men hot on Jo’s heels, it’s a race to stay one step ahead - and to finally discover the truth about what’s happening to him.

Soon, it isn’t just Jo who is in serious danger. If he doesn’t tell his new friends everything, the chances are they’ll be hurt – and he’ll be dragged back to the clinic and into Bowden’s clutches.
But if he exposes his secret - Jo risks alienating the only real friends he has ever known

Genre: Children's Sci Fi
Pages: 289

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