Thursday 1 October 2020

Newsletter - October


 Newsletter 2020



I hope this newsletter finds you well and coping with our crazy uncertain world. One thing for certain and that is there are many wonderful reads at Chill from great independent authors.

September Awards
Drum roll, please...


Book Cover of the MONTH

Runner Up

A HUGE thank you to Cathy Helms at AvalonGraphics for being our fabulous Judge for Cover of the Month Award.

All authors who receive a Chill with a Book Readers' Award will be considered for BOOK COVER of the MONTH in the month they receive their Award.

Book of the Month

Support for Authors

On a regular basis I am asked if I can recommend support for authors from editing, proof reading, ghost writing and designed covers. 
Below are professionals who I can recommend.

For beautiful designed covers

For editing, proof reading and more

The corner stone to Chill Awards is its readers and READERS are "always" NEEDED! 

The corner stone to Chill Awards is its readers and READERS are "always" NEEDED!
Chill can never have enough readers... 

If you love to read, why not join the reading panel for Chill Awards?

If members of your family or your friends are interested in joining Chill to be a reader, please fill in the contact form in the left hand column

Chill readers receive Amazon vouchers so they can download to their Kindle / e-reader any book they choose from the Award Programme and no reviews are required.

More information Here

What one reader said about reading for Chill...

"I love reading for Chill Awards and meeting some amazing authors I would never have heard about..."

Chill Award Winning Authors this month on my Blog ....

Once again, a very special thank you to all Chill's readers who read and evaluate the mountain of books submitted.

I thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart for being part of this amazing Award Programme helping to shine a light on great Independent Author Published Books

As always, thank you for taking the time to read Chill's Newsletter. Wishing you a wonderful month, please look after yourself and your family.
As always, I hope the sun is shining on your face and in your heart.
Until next time sending sunny smiles.



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